The LeBron Factory was started to accomplish one thing. Not to convince you that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player, but to SHOW you! LeBron Factory started on Twitter and integrated through Instagram as well as Facebook and Youtube. We are a video making machine that showcases all things, LeBron James. Video creating is our expertise. From Highlights, plays, stats, interviews, and more, we bring it all. We are dominating the YouTube grounds with the best LeBron James channel out there. We are growing an empire of LeBron fanatics that we refer to as WITNESSES.

The LeBron Factory Store is a small business that provides Top Tier “Replica” LeBron James jerseys and shorts to fans all around the world for a fair price. The LeBron Factory collaborates with partners all over the world to ensure the best quality and prices for our customers. Since we are very specific when it comes to our threads and have business partners from all over the world, your items may take 2-4 weeks to reach your destination! (Typically the average time is 10-20 days)

LeBron Factory was made to revolutionize the way LeBron James fans wear their threads. We bring Jerseys, shorts, shirts, and more from LeBron’s past and present teams. Even BIGGER NEWS! Our very own LeBron Factory Merch line is underway and we are excited to launch that movement in the near future.